Confused and Worried about your health? Online Wellness Consultation

I use Zoom to record the consultation for you to watch again. Approximately 45 minutes reviewing your current lifestyle and nutrition challenges.  Guidance, support and signposting is then provided to create your own Perfect Health Wellness Plan.

Cancer Support, Online Personal Consultation

If you have a scary diagnosis, I can help you to feel better about it when you take control of your healing journey. I share with you some strategies on how I beat stage IV cancer in just 14 weeks from diagnosis and offer you guidance and signposting for your own situation. You will be guided towards recovery using my unique and successful 10-step programme. More information on this is at my other site

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Every appointment is different

I tailor your confidential appointment depending upon your wellbeing challenges. No two appointments are the same. We are all different, and so is our health.

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Whilst I have helped hundreds, probably thousands of clients over many years, I am not everyone’s cup of tea. My style is direct and I speak as I find.  My clients have enjoyed some fantastic results, however, be warned that if we decide to work together, I WILL hold you to account – all in the spirit of supporting you to recover fully you understand.

Elaine Godley